Chitale Agro

Chitale Agro, established only a few years ago, has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the food processing industry. This Chitale Group company carries forward their 'tasteful' tradition of churning out quality-conscious, palatable foods. Chitale Agro is engaged in the processing of fruits including mango, banana, papaya, guava and tomato, to name a few, with extensive experience in manufacturing & packaging of pulps, juices & concentrates that adhere to stringent quality norms.

Chitale Agro was established in the small town of Bhilawadi, where the Group's flagship venture – Chitale Dairy, created its first waves of change & revolution in the country’s dairy industry.  
Their unique brand of ready-to-use pulps, juices and fruit concentrates are simply put – irresistible! The production unit’s proximity to the mango-rich belt of Ratnagiri and Deogadh, offers a naturally gifted advantage where only the best 'fruits of labor' are handpicked. The terrain also presents the perfect climactic conditions which inspires the Agro team to produce quality products for captive consumption as well as for export.

Absolute perfection has been the core philosophy of the Chitale Group, and they have sincerely applied this approach to every initiative. Their penchant for automation is amply reflected in the ultra-modern, state-of-the-art technology adopted at the Agro plant, which boasts of a fruit-handling capacity of 3 to 5 tonnes per hour. This global-standard production setup up has helped them collaborate with many international markets (the USA, Singapore and Israel to name a few), where the Agro wing has already established flourishing export ties. Chitale Agro has set a benchmark in the industry and continues to adopt innovative practices to serve customers in the best possible way.