Vishwas Chitale ,CEO and CTO, Chitale Group on Technology and Redefining Dairy Farming in India

Friday, October 17, 2014

Pune based Chitale Dairy’s belief that dairy farming can be converted into an industry, and not restricted to small units in villages has surely come true under the progressive leadership of Vishwas Chitale. From RFIDs usages, Business intelligence, Mobile technology,Cloud Computing, Vishwas has used everything to bring a paradigm shift in the way dairy farming is done in India.

Studies conducted by Chitale Dairy clearly emphasised the need for high merit pedigreed bulls, for production performance. And today they have established Asia’s Ultra Modern Buffalo Research & Development farm, Nursery for calf breeding, Frozen Semen Laboratory, Blood Profile & Pathogenic Lab. Installed with automatic feeding stations, The Buffalo Farm is a feather in Chitale’s cap and a pioneering effort in the dairy sector. YourStory brings to you an exclusive interaction with the man at the helm who is ushering these changes, Vishwas Chitale

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